Meet our team


HMS Beagle Construction Site 1Juan Luis Mattassi Alonso:

Ship owner, born in Punta Arenas, it works in tourism related activities since 1988, 7 years ago he initiated the historical ship replica’s project.

Juan CariñancoJuan Gerardo Cariñanco Antecao:

Head Carpenter. born in the Puluqui Island (40 km west of Puerto Montt), he started working on shipbuilding at a very early age, building more than 25 ships to date and the HMS Beagle is his fourth project of historical ship replicas.

180120131652Miguel Antonio Cariñanco Antecao:

Shipbuilder, he was born in the Puluqui island (40 km west of Puerto Montt), he started working in shipbuilding in 2002, he built to date 5 fishing boat, he gave an important hand during the previous constructions of historical ship replicas of the Museum.

180120131653Cristian Manca:

Born in Sardinia – Italy, he worked in project management and training in social field for 15 years, he joined the Museum project at the Business Plan stage and today is working as administrator and sales manager.

190120131655[1]Ana Mariluz Oyarzo Cárcamo:

Support worker, she also comes from the Puluqui Island, she helps Juan Cariñanco since 10 years, she is a very active supporter of the project working in different areas of the project.


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