About us


Be the leader among museums in the local touristic sector for the Magellan Region in Chile


To offer visitors in the región to experience local history, sites and most important characters on discovery, exploring and sailing in Patagonia, throught an innovative and environmentally integrated exhibition, by the museum and its collection. By an interactive approach and with technology as a pedagogical tool for providing information.


Museo Nao Victoria fosters its mission through the implementation of the following values:
Responsibility to the environment:
We foster the ability to develop a highly interactive environment, where we encourage exploration and discovery, always considering the concern for the environment as a priority.
We base our teamwork in and out of the Museum on unity, respect and fellowship.
We encourage the ability to generate responses and innovative solutions for our customers, always considering their views, we aspire to reflect this in each of our activities.
Quality of Service:
Each and every one Nao Victoria Museum visitor will be received in the most proper manner, trying to meet all his expectations. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.


To position the Nao Victoria Museum as one of the most visited touristic attraction in Patagonia.
To bring to life, as a real ship, all information collected through the historical research, being that ship seaworthy and open to visit. We are taking care that this process will develop with the proper respect, a great affection and only with the little resources of the Museum.
The project to date is not sponsored by any physical or juridical entity. Any help will be welcomed.