Nao Victoria

Since the second half of the twentieth century deep researches were undertaken to rebuild the HMS Beagle, during our initial researches we collected papers and publications on the issues such as: David Stanbury’s “A narrative of voyage of HMS Beagle” published by Folio Society in 1977, Louis Darling’s “Voyage summarizer, research and reconstruction” published by Croton on Hudson in 1984, Keith Stewart Thompson’s “HMS Beagle: the history of Darwin’s ship” published by Norton &Co in 1995 and especially the detailed work of Carl Heinz Marquardt “Survey ship extraordinary” published by Covway Maritime Press in 1997 , we have also visited the excellent model ship in scale 1:6 on show since 2009 at the “Museum of the Sea” in Vigo, Spain, where the ship could be seen in every detail and studied and visited many other articles and material concerning the legendary ship.